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vergroot de kansen en mogelijkheden van mensen die niet goed kunnen horen én zien.



Eye and Ear for Talent – a national campaign

Do you know someone who is not able to hear and see well?

In the Netherlands, an estimated 40,000 people, are both hearing - and visually impaired. That is an average of 100 people per municipality. Just like everyone else, they want to live independently, attend their schools, work, and enjoy their free time. Many people make their own arrangements, but often they are in need of support; from people in their immediate surrounding areas and organisations that are specialising in providing services to and communicating with people who are not able to hear and see well.

A National Initiative

Eye and Ear for Talent is a national initiative of those organisations. They ask in a national campaign your attention for the talents of people who are not able to hear and see well. In the local activities of the campaign is the communication with, and experiencing the possibilities of these people, the main focus. To arise more understanding for their questions.

Eye and ear for talent increases the chances and opportunities of people who are not able to hear and see well.
The campaign Eye and Ear Talent calls attention to the talents of people who are not able to hear and see well.

Starting in the year 2015 municipalities are responsible for the financing of specialised services for people with deaf blindness. Professionals of the municipalities will have special intakes with these people. Communication with and the understanding of people with deaf blindness requires extra attention. Changes in the Dutch educational system will also require more attention and specific knowledge of children and young people with deaf blindness.

Display of their Talents

In the activities of the campaign the communication with people who cannot hear and see well and experiencing their potential is our main focus. To generate more understanding of the questions of these people, so their participation in society will be a matter of course.

Organisations participating in the campaign will be organising local activities. The main goal will be for people with deaf blindness to be able to display their talents in meetings. These meetings will be with neighbour and fellow citizens as well professionals of municipalities education and business and other organisations.

Some organisations will also organise national activities. For more information, see the agenda on the website www.oogenoorvoortalent.nl (Dutch only)

Starting January 2015 in the Netherlands the city counsels themselves are responsible for financing the specialized tasks that are needed for supporting people with deafblindness. Professionals of the city counsels will discuss their requirements with them. Communication with this group and understanding their needs will ask for special attention. Also the changes in the educational system needs to be looked at closely and will have to provide special skills for children and young people with deafblindness.

Showing talents

The activities of this campaign will be focused on the communication and the special skills and possibilities of all that are limited in hearing and seeing. We hope that this will trigger more consideration for their needs and participating fully in society and they will be seen as more normal.

The organisations that take are organising local activities. People with deafblindness will show their talents. The focus will be on meeting people from the neighbourhood, professionals of the city counsels, education, business and other organisations. Also nationwide activities will be organized. They can be found in an agenda.

For more information please contact the campaign organisation, preferably by e-mail.